They shoot horses, don’t they?, by Pepe Romero

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Excerpt from an article published on November 10, 2022, in El País, by Slavoj Zizek:
“Russian President Vladimir Putin has escalated his threat to use nuclear weapons.
…15,000 Ukrainians have responded to the prospect of annihilation in a less abstract way: by signing up for a massive sex party.
…It’s the opposite of despair. People will look for something good even in the worst-case scenario.
…In a time of extreme distress, an orgy can be a life-affirming project. Collective trauma precipitates the disintegration of individual inhibitions and conventional social norms”.

The first World War started on August 1, 1914.
On October 7, Ludwig Wittgenstein, in charge of night driving the search-light of the Goplana, a ship patrolling the left bank of the Vistula River, wrote:
“I may die within an hour,
I may die within two hours,
I may die within a month or within a few years.
I cannot know, and I can do nothing either for or against it: such is life.
How am I to live, therefore, in order to succeed at every moment?
Live in the good and the beautiful until life ends by itself”.
Quote from the book edited by Wilhelm Baum “Geheime Tagebücher” published in spanish by Alianza Editorial.