From the window on Zandera with Tunicata (2023), by Andrei Monastyrski

2023 11 февраля Из окна на Цандера с оболочниками
HD-video with sound, 76’51 min.

Since 2001 I have been making a series of videos called
From the window on Zandera. This video is number 129.
This footage comes from the apartment where the performances of the Moscow-based group Collective Action (KD) were conceived and prepared from 1977 to 2009.
The figurines of appearing and disappearing passers-by on the sidewalks of this Kondratyuk Street are like an endless continuation of the first action of the Collective Action.

00:00 – in the kitchen at Ulansky tracking the 585 bus sign
04:16 – 5, 59 km to Zandera street 
05:10 – Photos of the high-rise shit-concrete on Godovikova street 
10:35 The 585 badge went into the line of sight out the window at Zandera.
12:05 – Щ
28:32 – 1989 video, AM reading about shells at VDNH, video of SH
32:23 – 55
49:36 – AM reading about shellfish in the kitchen at Ulansky 11-2-2023
01:04:08 – Johannes Bach (1604-1673), IS Bach’s great-uncle, motet “Our Life, is like a shadow.” Unser Leben ist ein schatten.

01:10:52 – О

1st action of the Collective Action   (March 13, 1976)