Eggs dance (2023), by Sebastian Hänel

Part 1
I was on a train through Poland. Before I ate my boiled egg, I made a drawing with it.
Balancing on the page of my sketchbook, I circled the egg with the pencil. Moving it, but avoiding letting it fall off the page, I gave the object the greatest possible freedom to move.
A kind of balance between freedom and control. The egg controlled my hand, my hand controlled the egg.
A game. Lines triggered by the round object (and the train) and my reactions to it.
A dialogue.

Part 2
Eventually I completed it into abstract shapes by expanding the lines according to their intensity. Sometimes to make them invisible, sometimes to use them as boundaries.

What has been my work now?
Transformed images of the movements of an egg?
To have a concept and follow it?
To be open to strange ideas?