From white to pink noise, by Peter Bogers

video with mono sound, 0’52 min., 2020.
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from white to pink noise
Both white and pink noise are considered broadband noises. Both of them are made of all frequencies that are audible to humans, so all frequencies anywhere between 20 and 20000 hertz. But the way their signal power is distributed among all frequencies radically differs.
White noise has to do with energy and it is equal energy for each frequency. All frequencies across the human audible spectrum are represented by equal amounts of energy.
Pink noise is all about octaves and pink noise has equal energy per octave. Octave bands are how we hear music and sounds. When we hear, we hear in octaves.

Pierre Menard’s paradox, by Thomas Verstraeten

Video with sound, 1’45 min.,2014

For Pierre Menard’s paradox I built a copy of the Moroccan coffee house Tanger, which was just across the street from the exhibition space. The installation described the interior of the coffee house as a paradox, a place of here and elsewhere, both familiar and strange. I spent a whole summer building the copy of café Tanger. Every day I would cross the street to measure and photograph all the details. The result was an intense dialogue between the real café Tanger and its copy. Between one side of the street and the other.

I didn’t just want to make a copy in space, but also a copy in time. So I decided to re-enact a piece of the real café Tanger’s history. On the opening day, café Tanger’s original regulars re-enacted a snippet of café life which had taken place ten days earlier. The public could watch the performance through the various windows and doors. An interesting tension sprang up between inside and out. Between the viewers and the viewed.

Pierre Menard’s paradox

Sleepwalking of the Mind, by Stefan Klein

Sleepwalking of the Mind
Collections from public bathrooms – KW Edition
video with sound, 5’55 min., 2020

Feat. Geradine Rübler
@ Studio Huette Berlin
(part of One Year with Stefan Klein (Desk Edition)
KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin)

Publication available here!